Terminal is an informational-analytical platform with trading functionality for cryptocurrencies. It is a web-based platform, allowing to trade on over 40 exchanges worldwide, thus providing access to 1000+ trading pairs, from a single, user-friendly and intuitive interface. Terminal is built to do 3 things well: provide in-depth analysis of various blockchains, data from exchanges, and crypto-related internet traffic (in partnership with Similarweb).

Example use-case: August 2017, BTC fork into BTC and BCH. On the surface, during the 20 day period following the fork, btc price was relatively stable, yet the price of bch was rapidly rising. Under the bonnet, however, we know from publicly available data that the number of outstanding unconfirmed transactions in the btc chain was constantly on the rise, due to the fact that global mining power redistribution happening at that time geared miners towards mining bch as it was more profitable. At the same, you would see a spike of interest in bch through viewing aggregated trading volumes from over 40 exchanges in all bch pairs. Mentions of bch in social media and generally on the internet has been increasing during that same period too. Terminal wants to deliver this kind of analytics in real-time, so that traders can make informed and weighted decisions, using the charting suite developed in-house.

Terminal positions itself as content aggregator and information provider. Thus, it entails extra functionality, such as news, ICO ratings aggregation, mining sections, arbitrage matrices in real-time, market pulse snapshot screens, crypto indices tracking, universal blockchain explorer, calendars and much more, becoming the go-to place for crypto enthusiasts. As such, Terminal aspires to become for crypto-market what Bloomberg has become for traditional markets, with the only difference – it is free. We believe that in the world of crypto, unlike the traditional financial markets, information is essentially free and transparent, and with increasing volumes of this information on a daily basis, there needs to be a tool that makes sense of all this data – this is our mission for the Terminal.

Terminal is used to trade, research, analyze, track crypto-markets from top to bottom. We strongly believe the crypto markets will grow in size, and more people around the world will get involved, so we are building a multi-language all-in-one global tool to satisfy the needs of crypto-involved ever-growing audience.

A new asset class is emerging in front of our eyes, there are big opportunities ahead.